It’s become an instinct: An emergency alert pops up on my phone, and I’m rushing out the door to cover the breaking news. Whether it’s a train crashing into a station or busses colliding in downtown Newark, I’ve learned to report fast and write faster.

In the midst of the big headlines, though, it’s the stories behind the stories that I value the most: Who are the people whose lives are different because of the tragedy? What do they value? What did they lose?

As a general assignment reporter for NJ Advance Media, I’ve told those stories after violence against police, inner-city shootings and attempted terrorism, among other events. I also craft the final web posts for my stories while considering user experience, write SEO headlines that drive traffic and use social media to push out my work.

My stories appear on NJ.com and in The Star-Ledger. I’ve previously reported for news outlets including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the New York Daily News.